The Locomotive Games

The Locomotive Games, May 7 we came out in full force taking over yet another competition All Heart style.  It was and always is an amazing experience to compete with all of you.  I loved looking out into the crowd of purple shirts, hearing so many familiar voices cheering us on.  Stepping out of your comfort zones, competing in a new gym and tackling WODs together with the support of so many of our gym members only reinforces the fact that we are family.  I am proud of all of you whether you hit a PR, stepped up to the challenge of competition, or just fought the fight that maybe you didn’t know you had in you.

Competition has a different meaning to each of us and in turn invokes different feelings.  I live for it.  It makes me better, not only at CrossFit, but in life.  Whether it be a head to head competition or the clock or my own mental struggle it feeds my hunger, always wanting more.  I leave the gym each day asking myself, did I get better today? Not always, but most of the time I can answer most assuredly, yes.

I challenge you to do the same.



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