The 2015 ReeBok CrossFit Open at All Heart CrossFit

Another year, another Open season has come and gone. This year, however, the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open introduced a new scaled division, further making the yearly event even more accessible to CrossFitters around the world. Here at All Heart, we were able to the change enabled even more people who normally wouldn’t have participated to enjoy the worldwide competition.

Regardless of whether or not our participants where scaled or went as prescribed in the RX workouts, we had fun and made the 2015 Open season one to remember. There were PRs achieved, first muscle-ups attained, and boundaries broken this year that make the Open such an inspiring time of the year. It truly is amazing to see so much progress and PRs out of our morning and afternoon members squeezed into one Saturday, for five weeks in a row. We’d like to thank everyone that made it out to the box on Saturday mornings to participate, from the competitors, to, the judges, and those that came out to show support. It’ll be incredible to see everyone’s growth in the next year.



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