Struggle Breeds Strength

The Open is the beginning of the official competition season of CrossFit.  It provides us an unparalleled way to test our fitness and without ever leaving our home box.  It is exciting to watch the live announcements not knowing what torturous WOD Castro has in store.  Its fun to check the leaderboard and marvel at the athletic abilities of the best of the best.

But my favorite part? I love feeling the strength of our community.  I love coming together on Saturdays to support each other.  To cheer on our friends and bond over the shared misery that each WOD never fails to deliver.  To celebrate victories big and small amongst the people that help make us better every day.  Thank you for being a part of what makes All Heart so special.

What’s next?  Tomorrow, no no, TODAY.  That’s what we train for, right?  To make the most of each day.  To build the strongest version of ourselves inside and out.  CrossFit is much more than an exercise regimen, but rather mental training.  We train to find our strength when we are down to tackle whatever WOD or life obstacle that crosses our path.

One of our own recently got diagnosed with cancer.  I pray that she can find the same fire that she used to fight her way through 55-155 lb deadlifts.  I realize the magnitude of the fight is different but the will and fortitude has been honed one WOD at a time.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  We will be fighting with you!



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