Spring Cleaning

The first tulip peaking through the ground, the final snow melting away (fingers crossed), green buds appearing on the trees; the signs of Spring’s arrival are full of life and hope.  After being cooped up inside all winter long that’s exactly what we need.  Revival and a fresh start.

It’s time to clean out closets and donate old clothes.  Reorganize pantries and refrigerators.  Clean your carpets and scrub your bathrooms.  The name of the game is purge.  Get rid of the things you have no use for.  Not only do physical “things” weigh you down, but so does emotional clutter keeping us from being as happy and productive as possible.

Throughout our lives we accumulate all sorts of baggage.  This Spring dedicate some time to extend your spring cleaning.  Rid YOURSELF of anything that doesn’t help to improve your overall well-being so that you can be the healthiest you.


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