Rowing Efficiency

We are constantly preaching about practicing perfect technique. Don’t pull too soon on your cleans and snatches, sit back on your heels, keep your legs straight and feet together on your kip, keep a tight line on your handstands. Likely you have heard any of these corrections and more emphasizing the importance of proper form. In addition to keeping you safe as you go through lifts and skills, we also want you to work as efficiently as possible=expend less energy to perform the same work. Practicing proper form when you aren’t on the clock in the middle of a WOD will translate to improved form under the duress of the clock.¬† If you’re working more efficiently you can work longer and harder before getting tired, right?!

With the eminent beginning of winter be prepared to get comfortable on the Concept 2. It is a great, versatile piece of equipment that you can’t slip on when it’s dark and icy outside! Just as with all of our other skills, there is proper technique to rowing. This video does a great job of breaking down common errors as well as give examples of drills you can practice to help refine your technique. Take a few minutes to watch the video and start practicing as a warm up when you come to the gym to help improve your performance in rowing workouts.


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