Just Do It!

The 2018 CrossFit Open is here!!! What is the Open?

1.) It is a chance to prove your fitness and compare your score to other CrossFitters across the globe.  You workout each day with the same people, so it’s a fun challenge  to see how you stack up vs. others in your age/gender group.

2.) It is a chance to test yourself and your progress from previous years, or to set a baseline if you’ve never participated before.

3.) It is a time to come together, to cheer on and support your All Heart family.

4.) But really though, it’s a workout.  It’s nothing to be intimidated of.  Don’t think for one second that you “can’t” because we spend each day proving that you CAN!

CrossFit HQ will release 5 workouts each Thursday at 8 pm and your score must be submitted by Monday at 8 pm.  We will open the gym on Saturday mornings at 8 am.  The first heat will start at 9 am.

2/22 First Open workout released

3/24 Gym potluck following the final workout



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