Gymnastics Clinic with Coach Keith

Gymnastics was my sport growing up.  I loved the attention to detail and constant challenge of learning new skills and tricks.   The human body and what it is capable of is astounding.  I think gymnastics is one of the most beneficial sports for young children to participate in.  Few can help to form such a solid foundation, develop proprioception, or build body weight strength like gymnastics.

The beauty of CrossFit is the sport’s ability to combine elements from many different fitness worlds, and in particular, gymnastics.  We incorporate many skills that borrow from gymnastics, so what better way to approach developing them than with the help of a gymnastics coach?  We hosted @CoachKeithPettit for a gymnastics seminar and learned so many new fun drills to help refine our handstands, pull ups and muscle ups.

A few key pointers from the weekend:

1. Warm up your shoulders!! We demand so much from our shoulders, paying attention to your rotator cuff   with stretches and strengthening exercises is a great way to prevent injury.

2. Handstands are all about shapes.  Learn what a hollow body feels like on the ground so that you can find it upside down.

3. Want to be good at pull ups and toes to bar?  Guess what, shapes again (hollow and open)!  Pay attention to your body and your swing.  Keep it tight to work as efficiently as possible.

4. Muscle ups can be broken down into so many pieces and parts.  No one is above practicing the drills, they will transfer to a better muscle up.

5. Play!  If it’s not fun, what’s the point.  Try new things, laugh at failures and celebrate accomplishments, but you’ll never learn what you don’t try.



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