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“All Heart, All Day” is bigger than a phrase we just use at the box. It’s knowing that you showed up and gave it your very best effort, regardless of if you like squats, push-ups, rope climbs, or not. It’s knowing that you are bigger than that “world of hurt” you are feeling in the middle of a WOD, and not giving up when things seem to be at their worst. It’s the lesson of destroying adversity in the box or in life, one repetition at a time.

In 2010, we officially became All Heart CrossFit, initially sharing a space with Kent Karate. Limited on space and equipment, we were able to grow and expand with the help of our ever-growing All Heart CrossFit family. Now into our 6th year, with two moves and an expansion in November of 2012, All Heart CrossFit has grown larger than ever. Now residing in a 5000 square foot facility, we offer CrossFit classes, complete with plenty of pull-up bars, squat racks, and barbells.

4481 Crystal Parkway
Unit 800 & 900
Kent, OH 44240

Phone | 330.962.3678
email | allheartallday@gmail.com


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