2019, The Year of You

2018 is almost a wrap! That means it is time to sit back and reflect on our goals. How many of our goals did we cross off? 1? 5? 0? Why do you think that is?

For 2019 goal setting, I really want to make sure we put a focus on your resolutions and how we are going to go about obtaining them. We need to be productive on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to get us closer to where we want to be. Notice I said productive, not busy. Are we doing things daily to get us to our endpoint, or are we simply just spinning our wheels?

I want each of you to make a list of your 5 main goals. NO MORE THAN 5. There is only so much that we can accomplish and if we have “too many” goals our energy is often spread too thin to see substantial improvement where we want it. Make these quantitative goals. Tell me how many pounds you want to lose, how much you want to clean and jerk, how fast you want your “Fran” time to be. Putting realistic numbers on these targets allows us to keep track of consistent checkpoints along our journey.

Now that we have these main yearly goals in mind it is time to set up an action plan on how to get things done. What needs to be accomplished by the end of this quarter or by the end of the month or even week? We need to work daily to bite off small chunks that are within our reach.

Most importantly we need to get started. How many of us wrote goals on the board in 2018 and didn’t do a whole lot to obtain them? I know most of us are guilty of that. For 2019 I want each one of us to put an extra emphasis on making the most out of each day in the gym. This goes back to being productive vs being busy. For example, wanting a muscle up: busy is just flailing your body on the rings with no deliberate purpose. Productive is working kip swings, pulling strength, transition drills, and dips. Knowing that strengthening each of these pieces will lead us to our target of obtaining a muscle up.

So, let this all digest. Use your coaches as resources to help formulate your 2019 objectives. And let’s get after a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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